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The Home Office’s stated policy objective is to reduce migration. Unfortunately, this objective often contaminates caseworkers’ decisions, with the result that immigration applicants are unlawfully refused. The Home Office’s track record in Immigration Appeals is poor. In the period July 2017 to March 2019, over 50% of EU, human rights and family related appeals were allowed by the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) (also known as the Immigration Tribunal). The statistics speak for themselves. 

The statistics in immigration Judicial Reviews (which are conducted in the Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) or High Court, are not as favourable to applicants, however, that owes largely to the fact that the threshold for success in a Judicial Review is higher for immigration applicants; it does not reflect better quality decision making by the Home Office.

As immigration barristers we are experts in Immigration Appeals and Immigration Judicial Reviews. We have many years of experience in handling such matters and understand how to manage disputes to achieve good outcomes for our clients, whether by correspondence with the Home Office, or in court or Tribunal proceedings. We are frequently commended by immigration judges for the quality of our presentation in court.

We can help with all aspects of immigration disputes, for example we can:

  • Settle disputes with the Home Office by correspondence
  • Submit appeals to the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber)
  • Draft court documents on your behalf
  • Draft and submit Administrative Review applications to the Home Office
  • Apply for Judicial Review in the Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) or High Court
  • Manage all aspects of your Tribunal or court case
  • Represent you at any hearings at the Tribunal or court

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