Sponsored Working

The UK has had its rules for sponsored working in place since 2008. The main sponsorship category is Tier 2 (General), which allows applicants with a Certificate of Sponsorship from an approved employer to work in the UK. Tier 2 applications can be made from outside the UK or from within the UK if the applicant is already in a prescribed category of leave to remain. The Tier 2 route leads to Indefinite Leave to Remain (“ILR”) after five years.

Following the departure of the UK from the European Union (“Brexit”), the Home Office has drafted proposals for a new set of sponsored working rules. The new rules will mirror the existing rules, but there will be some material differences, e.g. the ability to “trade” points for different attributes. The focus of the new rules will be on highly skilled workers. 

Our immigration barristers can help you apply for a sponsored working visa. We are specialist Immigration Lawyers. Examples of the work we can do are:

  • Advise you on the necessary supporting documents for your sponsored working visa application
  • Make the visa application on your behalf
  • Manage any enquiries made by the Home Office (the UK immigration authority) about your application while it is being considered
  • Resolve any disputes with the Home Office, if necessary, by applying for Administrative Review, or Judicial Review

We can also help employers with Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence issues, for example:

  • Apply for and set up sponsorship licences on the Home Office’s Sponsorship Management System
  • Apply for certificates of sponsorship 
  • Resolve any disputes with the Home Office, e.g. draft representations where licences have been suspended or revoked or apply for Judicial Review

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