Privacy Policy

Our services are supplied by members of chambers or their agents, who may be natural persons or limited companies. References to ‘we/our’ etc below should be interpreted accordingly.

The purpose of collecting personal information from you is likely to be one of the following (the list is not exhaustive):

  • verify your identity
  • help members of chambers deliver legal services to you
  • marketing
  • responding to requests for information or preliminary advice made by you
  • settling disputes
  • complying with any applicable law, including regulatory requirements, court orders or money laundering checks
  • keeping accounting records
  • carrying out office administration
  • carrying and maintaining personnel records for work experience and mini-pupillages
  • carrying and maintaining personnel records for recruitment including for contractors and employees
  • offering and maintaining pupillage
  • publishing legal judgments and decisions of courts and tribunals
  • other aims allowed by law or usually sought to be achieved in legal practice

We may therefore collect information relating to the following (the list is not exhaustive) from you:

  • name
  • contact information (e.g. postal or e-mail address)
  • financial and payment information
  • other information requirement by law, (e.g. Money Laundering Regulations)
  • CV information
  • family details
  • lifestyle and social circumstances
  • physical or mental health details
  • racial or ethnic origin
  • political opinions
  • religious, philosophical or other beliefs
  • sexual orientation
  • biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person
  • criminal convictions or outcomes from criminal proceedings
  • any other information necessary to carry out legal services for you

We may share your information with the following persons/bodies (the list is not exhaustive):

  • clerks or our agents or administrative staff or accountants 
  • pupils, mini-pupils and work experience students
  • couriers
  • experts
  • employers or prospective employers
  • witnesses and potential witnesses
  • third-party funders (intermediaries)
  • costs draftsmen
  • insurers
  • clients, family and associates of clients
  • arbitrators
  • solicitors
  • adjudicators
  • transcribers
  • regulatory authorities
  • public bodies (e.g. the Home Office)
  • other Barristers
  • courts, tribunals and effectively the general public if a court or tribunal publishes a judgment in which you are identified.
  • opposing parties (and their legal representatives) in litigation
  • translators and interpreters
  • document review platforms
  • we may need to process personal information in relation to other third parties instructed either by our own clients or other persons providing services to our clients such as solicitors firms and expert witnesses
  • IT, website and similar contractors

If we have relied on your consent as our legal basis for processing your information, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. If you have a concern about any aspect of our privacy practices, including the way we have handled your personal information, you can report it to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Where our use of your personal information requires your consent, you can provide such consent at the time we collect your personal information in accordance with the instructions provided. You may (subject in some instances to the payment of a reasonable fee) have the right to access, correct, erase, restrict the processing of, or have transferred, your personal information. If you want to exercise your rights under this notice, then please e-mail: [email protected]

In the case of the Information Commissioner’s Office, there is a risk that your information may lawfully be disclosed by them for the purpose of any other civil or criminal proceedings, without our consent or yours, which includes privileged information.

It may be necessary to transfer your personal information outside of the EEA area, for example if any of our data hosting infrastructure is based outside the UK.

We may store your personal data for a number of years to comply with professional indemnity and regulatory obligations. Usually, we will hold this information for at least one year after the expiry of any limitation period, which will usually be six years, but may be as much as 15 years, from the date on which the last piece of work was carried out for you, or the last payment received by you, whichever is later. After the expiry of this period, information will be deleted without further notice.