We usually work on fixed fees as opposed to hourly rates, however, fees are always agreed in writing with the client before instructions are accepted. Members of the public instructing us directly should note that our fees do not include any third-party costs (often called “disbursements”) such as Court or Tribunal fees, expert witness fees, or visa application fees. 

We may be able to work with Legal expenses insurers.

We are unable to handle client money, i.e. money other than our own professional fees, therefore any third-party costs must be paid to the third-party directly, e.g. a Court fee must be paid by the client directly to the Court.

Barrister’s fees may entail a VAT charge. Some immigration work is exempt from VAT. Wherever VAT is chargeable, this will be notified to the client before instructions are accepted.

The exact fees for any given piece of work vary depending on several factors, including: whether the instruction is from a solicitor or member of the public directly, the seniority of the Barrister, the complexity of the work, the time that will be required to complete the work, the timeframe within which the work is required to be completed, and in the case of court and tribunal hearings, the location of the court or tribunal. 

Estimated fees for common areas of work are as below (individual Barristers reserve the right to quote higher fees in accordance with the factors identified above. All fees assume there is a single client.

  • Visa applications (entry clearance or leave to remain): £1250-£1800
  • Drafting documents: £500-£2,500
  • Appearing in Court (1 day): £500-£3,000
  • Paper case management: £1000-£4000
  • 1 hour consultations: £180-£500