The UK is seen as an ideal place to do business. This is because the UK has a simple and competitive tax rate system, a transparent and reliable regulatory system, and a large number of highly skilled persons to support business growth.

Many applicants who wish to enter the UK through the business visa route have experience of business in their home countries. Some will have studied or worked in the UK previously. Almost all clients will want to live in the UK for social, cultural, or family reasons, as well as wanting to invest in a business for immigration purposes.

There are currently three routes available for business visa applicants. 

The Tier 1 (Investor) Visa requires a significant investment of £2 million. Applicants in this category must have a viable investment plan which entails the creation of a specified number of jobs for UK residents.

The Overseas Representative Visa is suitable for foreign businesses that are looking to expand into the UK market, and wish to send a single representative to manage the business’ UK branch. There is no minimum capital requirement, but a credible business plan is likely to be required.

The Startup and Innovator Visa is suitable for dynamic entrepreneurs with an innovative idea for a business which has the potential to expand. This form of business visa requires endorsement from a UK Endorsing Body

Our immigration Barristers can help you with your business visa application. We are specialist immigration Lawyers. Examples of the work we can do are:

  • Help you to write the Business Plan required under UK immigration law
  • Advise you on the necessary supporting documents
  • Make the visa application on your behalf
  • Manage any enquiries made by the Home Office (the UK immigration authority) about your application while it is being considered
  • Resolve any disputes with the Home Office, if necessary, by submitting an application for Judicial Review to the Immigration Tribunal

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