Family Lawyers Milton Keynes

Here at Demstone Chambers, our family lawyers are able to support you in all family law-related matters. These include but are not limited to:

  • Family financial proceedings (aka “financial remedies” or “matrimonial finance”)
  • Child contact disputes
  • Domestic abuse allegations

Whether you are looking for full representation from start to finish, or want a flexible legal service whereby you handle matters yourself as a litigant-in-person and call on us only for support with selected complex work, we can help. We can offer expert advice with:

  • Strategy
  • Drafting legal documentation
  • Representation in the Family Court

Our team of family lawyers is based in Milton Keynes but we can also help clients in London, Birmingham, Coventry, and across the UK when required.

Please call our office at  +44 330 390 9290 if you have a family law concern.

Who are we, and how can we help?

Demstone Chambers are a direct access barristers chambers offering specialist family law services in Milton Keynes. As a direct access family law barristers chambers, we are able to offer legal services to both family law solicitors and members of the public through the Bar Standards Board’s direct access scheme.

We can offer our services either fully or flexibly. What this means is, whether you need our expertise for one area of your case only, or instead want us to represent you over the full case from start to finish, we can help.

How does a family law barrister differ from a family law solicitor?

Although both barristers and solicitors are classed as lawyers, barristers do provide a different service from solicitors. As barristers, we are specialists in presenting cases in court, particularly complex cases. This means that we can take your case on from start to finish. This is different from solicitors who will often handle the case until a court appearance is required, before handing it over to a barrister who will handle the client’s case from then on. Because of this, we are often instructed by solicitors when their clients require representation in court.

Areas that we cover

Areas besides Milton Keynes that our family lawyers are able to cover include:

What you can expect from your first call with our family lawyers.

Our clients are our priority. We will begin by simply listening to you to gain an understanding of your situation. We will then advise you on the best way forward and devise a strategy for how this can be achieved. It is then in your hands how you would like to proceed. Often family law-related issues can be emotionally charged situations. Our priority is to focus on the facts and the law and to separate emotion from the situation. This is the approach that will give you the best chance of getting the outcome that you want.

Family law services that we offer include:

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